The Birds Are Back in Town

Funky Kingston nah nah
my head is bobbing
white kid
what do I know about it

first hand zero

the upstairs neighbors
have police in their room
second time this month

ego's yelling ego


I mean it's spring time
the tree out back
is filled w/ migratory songs
the sun is reggae

why not choose mellow
get out your head
if you wouldn't choose it don't do it

go ahead & say "yeah"

the police man is talking

I'm getting my bike to leave

these people can keep their drama

I'll take my bro Toots
it's Thursday
it's the first warm day
let's smear goodwill all around

like idk

I describe it as helium floating us
it's a good mood

Funky Lincoln nah nah
my brain is sending
every color
is chewing 
every bad vibe until it's

everything is everything

baby baby I know all of us

we're lawless

it's p simple
we're ready for summer


About Last Night

Dad's beer @ Duffy's w/

I locked the looks of a girl
I threw that away

the snow is so close
to being gone for two seasons

the stereo's did nothing for me
but it was good to see Cole
we had a window booth
O street trickling w/ midwest

the most recent of the billion-billion days
is gone & isn't it funny to think about
us w/ our pressures & worries
or what we think are those things

the space wind miniaturizes the prizes
of what we could hope for in ambition
but to crave for solid relationships
is something I certainly understand

Justin tells stories
my attention wanders in & out of them
it flashes southern Utah
& the noises of lungs drawing red air
then to Chicago in Justin's story
& Cole offers to buy us tallboys

we slurp them down quickly
I talk to Mike about a SP CE poster
I think about Paul not drinking
we tell Cole about our studio upstairs
we go there & do & Justin tells more
reads a poem of his to us plastered
against the walls on a tuesday

my legs pushed out on the floor
crawling in the trenches 
our attention is sputtering
but anxiety for it does no good
the night moved us back out

we talked to Max at Jake's
we had another window booth
Cole bought Justin a whiskey
& we watched people statued outside Zoo
their shoes in 14th street
their heads in a mystery land
huffing cigs & talking beautiful bullshit

there is no turning back from it now
the night is occurring
the moment is momenting
my flesh finds pieces of kindnesses
to build islands w/

I think of hiking Utah again
while I eat a gyro across from Justin
we are alone now & talking again
he clicks words on phone & I am drunk
I want the silence of the woods
Justin wants the silence of something too
but I will not say what that is 

the gyro dude wishes us a good night
we walk our bikes down O street together
some guy walking by calls us hippies
& we laugh @ the stupidity
as "I'll hit him in his fucking mouth"
slathers from my lips but I would just hug him.


Listening to the Ramones & Drinking a Cinnamon Latte

Wild animals corralled into law
have you noticed the difference
when you aren't trying
or not caring is the best way
b/c the chords just start


Mid-Morning in Lincoln

Doin' stuff
doin' stuff

the day thumping mellow

you in Omaha today?
eye saw
Justin on his bike
leaning forward
moving west
through the intersection of
16th & E
or it was someone
who looked liked him
w/ grease hair
w/ striped shirt
& man build

trees are just starting
to look yellow
in the low sun
on the cool day.


Talk Adult not Child Ego

Take your lips & do
something useful with them
put them on my jesus penis
put them somewhere safe.

Your take of the situation
seems carved
not natural
seems carved to fit
whatever you need it for

these things
have always been irrelevant to me
though just starting
to realize it.

Take your lips &
your selfish brains
that spill out of them &
throw them around
an object
anything would be better
than what you're using
them for now.