The Birds Are Back in Town

Funky Kingston nah nah
my head is bobbing
white kid
what do I know about it

first hand zero

the upstairs neighbors
have police in their room
second time this month

ego's yelling ego


I mean it's spring time
the tree out back
is filled w/ migratory songs
the sun is reggae

why not choose mellow
get out your head
if you wouldn't choose it don't do it

go ahead & say "yeah"

the police man is talking

I'm getting my bike to leave

these people can keep their drama

I'll take my bro Toots
it's Thursday
it's the first warm day
let's smear goodwill all around

like idk

I describe it as helium floating us
it's a good mood

Funky Lincoln nah nah
my brain is sending
every color
is chewing 
every bad vibe until it's

everything is everything

baby baby I know all of us

we're lawless

it's p simple
we're ready for summer

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